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Drone Training

Please note we are not an official NQE meaning this training will not go towards any permissions, that being said. This training will help you gain the 2 hours of flight time needed in order to proceed with an official course. 


This training will also help those who merely want to learn more about drones, how to fly them and do so safely. 


If you are buying drones for kids and want them to learn how to fly safely then this course will be great for them. All our pilots are not only highly trained, licensed and insured but we are DBS clear too.


BeatsaBar Discount Deal

If you are a Beatsabar customer you automatically become eligible for a 10% discount on music videos and drone services, after your first three videos, you will still get 5% off as long as you continue to be a Beatsabar customer. 



Aerial Services

All our pilots are highly trained in capturing your perfect shot but we have teamed up with a company to make that perfect shot even better. That company is Daniel Alexander Films. They are best known for directing the Commonwealth Games opening video.


 Daniel Alexander Films have created CinePre, film LUTs that will make any footage look spectacular, if you buy our Aerial Services package you will get 10% off Cinepre.

For more information about CinePre please go to their website: