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Casting Call

Domino Effect

About The Director / Writer:

My name is Haydn Thomas, a director from the West Midlands and anti knife/gun crime campaigner. With a close family member being a surviving victim of knife crime, I was there to see it all. Working with WM Police, Dudley College and the students there, we created awareness videos to showcase in front of schools and did a Q&A. Birmingham Mail caught wind and named me one of the 30 under 30 most influential people in and around Birmingham. Now, I am looking to take it one step further by making this film.


Film Description:

A once loving and Vibrant family is left devastated when their only son gets killed due to mistaken identity. While time moves on for the rest of the world including the killer. For the family, it does not.

This film explores the domino effect that happens after a crime, in this case we are looking at gun crime. The aim is to create awareness that it doesn’t just stop at the victim, but it extends way beyond. 


Casting Description:

Leon Andrews: Black or Mixed Race British aged 30-40.  

A loving father and devoted husband, he isn’t afraid to show love and affection but will lay down the law when need be. Leon enjoys having a laugh and chilling in front of the TV after a hard day’s work. The bond between him and his son is strong built on respect and love, Leon and Tyrique will sit down and talk for hours about life, watch football and even play too. His family is his life however after the loss of his son, he did the best he could to support his wife. Leon blames himself for failing to be the protector of the family.



Lauren Andrews: Black or Mixed Race British aged 30-38.

A loving, caring and devoted mother / wife, she makes sure the family is looked after, she loves to read as well as write poetry, she and her son will write together and share ideas, the bond between them was close. Her husband is her world, but her son is her life and when he was taken from her, so did her life, suddenly time froze, and the once vibrant and loving Lauren was no more.



Tyrique Andrews: Black or Mixed Race British aged 13-14

A smart and creative kid, he loves spoken word and the process it takes to make a compelling piece, he enjoys the creative writing sessions he has with his mom and bonding over football with his dad. He is typically a very well-behaved kid, but he can also be a bit of a class clown. However, it doesn’t matter what he did, you just can’t stay angry at him, anytime you see Tyrique he always has a smile on his face, he is the type of person to constantly make you laugh.


Good Samaritan Female 18+ (Any Race)

She will be the good Samaritan that tries to stop the bleeding from Tyrique.



Please note we also require extras of all races and ages to play pedestrians and bystanders, if you are free on the dates listed below and would like to get involved, please let us know!

Project Description / Details

Filming is due to commence on the 30th November & 1st December 2019

This film is part of the Back In film making program ran by Daniel Alexander Films and Punch Records. The film will be featured in the local press and showcased in front of the likes of BBC producers, submitted to film festivals and screened at a special premiere hosted by the BFI and BBC Academy.

I am working with a micro-budget so pay will be:


Lauren Andrews: £80 for the two days

Leon Andrews: £60 for the two days

Tyrique Andrews: £50 for the two days.

Good Samaritan and Extras: Expenses only 


Food & travel expenses will be provided and you will also be credited for your work / footage sent for your showreel. 

Because of this, I can only accept those who are from the West Midlands, preferably Birmingham based.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email Kelly at: