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About Haydn Thomas

Haydn has always been passionate about filmmaking as well as the industry itself. With his father’s history in the music producing business, Haydn has been exposed to the creative industry from a young age.  


Due to many years of experience, ranging from music videos to corporate videos, Haydn encompasses the necessary skills in turning client vision into reality. With an eye for creativity and diverse thinking, Haydn is able to think outside the box leaving clients with a better outcome than they originally thought.

Over a period of time, Haydn has gained his drone pilots license, a degree and became an Adobe Associate in Premier Pro which has enhanced his skills allowing him to find a deeper understanding to the theoretical and creative process one must achieve in creating impactful imagery. Haydn is always perfecting and practising making sure his skill is always improving. Haydn's style is best described as an impactful stylistic approach with high attention to detail.


Haydn is also known for being a mentor to younger kids eager to get into the industry. Haydn spent time at his old college to help teach and conduct skill sessions which in turn helped students pass their course modules.

Haydn has sat as a judge at the college's film festival during their Arts Fest and was invited back to teach the working to a brief module. Haydn then wrote the module to create awareness videos based on the awful knife crime we see in the news so often today. The word got out about his work and the Birmingham Mail decided to write a piece about him and even went as far to name Haydn as one of the 30 under 30 most influential people in and around Birmingham.  


Haydn has worked with many different companies, creatives, and artists such as Themis Creative with Lucid The Dreamwalker TV Series, The Birmingham Mail, ITV, Martin & Co, Champdog Films, ComiCon, LinkUpTV, Daniel Alexander Films, Bugzy Malone, The Lotto Boyz and much more.


Experience cannot be bought but only earned and Haydn has gained many through his hard work and dedication.